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Ruffled Containers with 300 Sheets of Paper:

Minimum order of 12 note containers, at least 4 per item #

Item # Paper Pattern and Color Print Holder Container Pattern and Color
NP-1 Dots-Black MD-9 Black Dots
NP-3A Dots-Brown TD-3 Brown/Turquoise Dots
NP-4A Dots-Bubblegum Pink P-K Bubblegum Pink/Lime Plaid
NP-5A Dots-Bubblegum Pink TD-16 Bubblegum Pink/Brown Dots
NP-7B Dots-Caribbean blue TD-19 Carribean Blue/White Dots
NP-9 Dots-Fantasy Rose MD-23 Fantasy Rose Dots
NP-10 Dots-Fuchsia TD-5 Fuchsia/Lime Dots-available in DS-7
NP-15A Dots-Lemon P-O Lemon/White Plaid
NP-17 Dots-Lime MD-10 Lime Dots-available in DS-9
NP-17B Dots-Orange P-C Lime/Turquoise Plaid
NP-18 Dots-Orange DS-24 Orange/Navy Double Stripes
NP-18A Dots-Powder Blue P-B Orange/Fuchsia Plaid-available in DS-7
NP-19 Dots-Purple TD-17 Powder Blue/Brown Dots
NP-21C Dots-Purple MD-11 Purple Dots
NP-22 Dots-Red MD-14 Red Dots
NP-23 Dots-Turquoise TD-10 Turquoise/Lime Dots
NP-24C Fleur De Lis-Black FL-0 Fluer De Lis
NP-25 Flowers-Fuchsia F-3 Fuchsia Flowers
NP-25B Flowers-Fuchsia P-A Fuchsia/Lime Plaid
NP-25C Flowers-Fantasy Rose P-6 Fantasy Rose/Lime Plaid
NP-26 Bunco Dice-Black BD Bunco Dice
NP-27 Golf Bags-Hunter Green G-1 Hunter Green Bags/White Balls
NP-27A Golf Bags-Fuchsia G-2 Lime Bags/White Balls
NP-27B Golf Girls To Do List-Lime G-2 Lime Bags/White Balls
NP-28 Tennis Rackets-Black T-1 Black Rackets/Charteuse Balls
NP-28A Tennis Rackets-Fuchsia T-2 Fuchsia Rackets/Lime Balls
NP-28B Tennis Girls To Do List-Lime T-2 Fuchsia Rackets/Lime Balls
NP-29 Musical Notes-Black N Black Musical Notes
NP-30 Paws-Black Paw-1 Black Paws
NP-30A Paws-Orange Paw-2 Orange Paws
NP-30B Pet Sitter Notes!-Black Paw-1 Black Paws
NP-31A Sitter Notes-Black TD-13 Red/White Dots
NP-31B Sitter Notes-Black P-F Pink/White Plaid
NP-31C Sitter Notes-Black P-16 Powder Blue/White Plaid
NP-32 Hearts-Red HE Red Hearts
NP-33 Apples-Red P-3 Red/White Plaid
NP-33A Apples-Red P-11 Red/Lime Plaid
NP-34 Flip-Flops-Orange FF-5 Orange/Fuchsia Flip-Flp[s
NP-34A Flip-Flops-Fuchsia FF-4 Fuchsia/Lime Flip-flops
NP-35 High Tops-Caribbean Blue HT-1 Caribbean Blue/Orange High-Tops
NP-36A Live to Shop!-Black BA-1 Black/White Bangles
NP-36B Live to Shop!-Black BA-2 Gold/Silver Bangles
NP-37A Cupcake-Fuchsia SC-6 Fuchsia/Lime/Orange Streamers/Confetti
NP-38 Here's Whats's Cookin-Black P-1 Black/White Plaid
NP-39 Anchor-Royal Blue AN Royal Blue Anchors
NP-40 Seashell-Aqua W-3 Ivory Weave
NP-41 Hearts and Starts-Orchid Star HS-2 Orchid/Bubblegum Pink Hearts/Stars
NP-42B Envelope-A Little Note-Apple Green F-8 Apple Green Flowers
NP-42C Envelope-A Little Note-Apple Green F-2 Bubblegum Pink Flowers
NP-43B Elephant-Before I Forget-Bubblegum Pink TD-6 Fuchsia/Orange Dots
NP-44B Monkey-Brown TD-16 Bubblegum Pink/Brown Dots
NP-45 Palm Tree-Fuchsia PT-1 Fuchsia Palm Trees
NP-46A Single Square Dot-Fuchsia SQ Fuchsia Single Square Dot
NP-47A Bulls Eye-Lime BY Lime Bulls Eye
NP-48A Double Square Dot-Turquoise DQ Turquoise Double Square Dot
NP-55 To Do List!-Black TD-2 Black/White Dots
NP-56 Things To Do Before I'm Due-Fuchsia MD-1 Fuchsia Dots
NP-56A Things To Do Before I'm Due-Carib. Blue TD-19 Caribbean Blue/White Dots
NP-57A Things To Do Before I Say I Do-Black A-0 Ivory Damask
NP-57B Things To Do Before I Say I Do-Black A-2 White Damask
NP-57C Things To Do Before I Say I Do-Black R-0 Fuchsia Dots
NP-57D Things To Do Before I Say I Do-Black R-4 Silver/White Ribbons
NP-69 Star of David-Royal Blue SD Royal Blue Star of David
NP-70 Dots-Lime TD-15 Red/LimeDots
NP-71 Dots-Red TD-14 Red/Emerald Green Dots
NP-72 Dear Santa, I Want...-Red X-1 Emerald Green Tree/Red
NP-72A Dear Santa, I Want...-Red X-2 Lime Tree/Red
NP-73 Ho Ho Ho-Red P-10 Red/Emerald Green Plaid
NP-73A Ho Ho Ho-Red P-11 Red/Lime Plaid
NP-74 Merry Christmas Y'all-Red A-8 Red Damask
NP-75 Things To Do Before I Trim the Tree-Red R-9 Red/Emerald Green Ribbons
NP-75A Things To Do Before I Trim the Tree-Red R-10 Red/Lime Ribbons
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