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About Lily for Hangables, Inc:

Lily for Hangables, Inc. is a privately owned wholesale home and party decor manufacturer. Bobbie Dubin, the owner and founder, indentifies the need for beautiful items for events such as bridal and baby showers as well as everyday home decor. We at Lily for Hangables, Inc. carefully handform each product, showing the greatest care; making each piece unique. All of our products are proudly made in the United States. Over the years our products have evolved into the lovely line we have today, which range from gift-basket containers and party accessories to home decor items such as napkins, stationery, and vases.

We pride ourselves on our vast assortment of colors and patterns (over 150 colors and patterns-check out our patterns page!) which can be printed on any of our containers. Multiply those possibilities with over 50 different container sizes/styles and your store can have a custom product line that matches your specific customer base. We are great with colors, and can even match the colors for your local team. Our product line is ever expanding, so if you want something classic or something funky we can find the right design for you!


If you're wondering about our name, we have a little story for you! Over thirty years ago, Bobbie Dubin was one of the pioneers of female owned businesses. Her products were vastly different than the ones we offer today; in fact, the staple of her line was personalized hangers. Known simply as Hangables, Bobbie built up quite a reputation for her company. After years of business, Bobbie dedicated her comapany after another strong woman, her late mother, Lily. Often, when people think of us, they think Lily and our new fun products. Others know us as Hangables, known for reliability and our great reputation. This brings us to the company we are today-Lily for Hangables, Inc.



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